Indisputable Facts, Unacceptable Conclusions: DHS’ Latest Effort to Stamp Out ‘False or Misleading Narratives’

CASA Director Adam Turner’s op-ed at Townhall

Today, everywhere you look, the First Amendment and/or free speech are under attack.

The most prominent recent example involves Joe Rogan.  Rogan, a comedian with a large podcast following, has found himself under pressure from critics who want to cancel him and his show on Spotify because of alleged “false” or “misleading” information presented by some of his guests.  As a result of these criticisms, Rogan has already apologized for some of his podcasts, and removed some of the offending ones from Spotify.  Needless to say, his critics are not mollified, and have moved onto other attacks on his speech…

Read the whole thing at Townhall

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