Defense Officials Pushed Climate Plan Amid Afghan Pullout

(Nicole Wells, Newsmax)

As the Biden administration was overseeing the botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan, top Pentagon officials were scrambling to finalize the Department of Defense Climate Adaptation Plan (CAP), emails obtained by The Daily Wire show.

From the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on Aug. 15, 2021, to the final U.S. military flight out of Afghanistan on Aug. 30, Pentagon officials were working to get the Secretary of Defense to sign the major climate initiative, which identifies climate change as a major national security risk.

According to the Wire, the officials’ frustration at the difficulty in getting the plan signed is evident in the emails. Ultimately, however, their perseverance paid off: Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin signed the climate document on Sept. 1. Six days earlier, 13 Americans were killed by a suicide bomber during evacuation efforts at the airport in Kabul.

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