Who We Are

The world is getting smaller and the threats to the safety and security of Americans more diverse. No longer can our Nation be concerned only with the military might of our foes. Nor can the American people, as in generation’s past, rely on two oceans to protect them. Today’s threats can be terrorist, cyber or economic.In a dangerous world it is vital that we maintain strong and dependable alliances. That we recognize those who mean us harm. That we leverage our soft power, as well as our hard power, to provide for the safety and security of Americans.

But advancing safety and security must not come at the sacrifice of our values. As Americans, we must protect our democracy as well as the civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy of our citizens.

At CASA our focus is on advancing important values for all Americans – safety; peace and security; democracy, civil rights and civil liberties; and privacy. Because all of us, across party and ideological lines, have a stake in preserving peace and advancing security for Americans.

Our Mission

CASA is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving the safety and security of the American people. We educate and inform them about the actions of their government and its officials that impact their safety; peace and security; democracy, civil rights, and civil liberties; and privacy.

Our Approach

We discover the truth, using whistleblowers, research, information requests, and legal action. We raise awareness, helping the American people to become better-informed about what their government is doing to protect their safety and security in a dangerous world.

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